• TSAL'ALH (People of the Lakes)

    TSAL'ALH (People of the Lakes)

    St’at’imclhkalh, Tsal’alhmeckalh kela7. We are St’át’imc

    Tsal’alhmec, the People of the Lake.

  • We are located in a semi-isolated, remote area at the most central/northern point of the St’át’imc Territory, along the shores of Seton and Anderson Lake.

Tsal’alh Community Vision

We, the Tsal'alhmec, are the original caretakers of our land. We respect the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors and take pride in our healthy self-sustaining community

Tsal’alh Chief and Council Vision

Tsal’alh governance and administration are effectively conducted according to St’át’imc Nxekmenlhkálha múta7 Nt’áqmenlhkalha lti tmícwa (our laws and way of life in the territory).

Governance Style

Chief and Council govern through collective leadership and consensus based decision-making, while acknowledging and appreciating differing viewpoints.

Tsal'alh Government Organization Chart

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Band Meeting Date
Tsal'alh Chief and Council and the Adminsitrator hold monthly meetings (excluding August and December - these are seasonal months for harvest). Along with dinner, reports are provided for membership to keep everyone informed with their works with and for Tsal'alhmec.
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Employment Opportunity - Tsal'alh Financial Controller
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Additional Communications with the Community

Outside of the reporting requirements of Chief and Council, and in addition to information available at the AGM for Tsal’alhmec, Chief and Council will:

  • Publish only non-confidential material; and
  • Will utilize the website, social media, email and electronic forms of communication to supplement, but not replace the AGM and regular reporting meetings.

The frequency and format of information to be distributed will balance efficiency, effectiveness and cost.

Chief and Council have a direct reporting relationship and accountability to Tsal’alhmec. Chief and Council believes that decisions are improved when leadership effectively engages and collaboratively plans with Tsal’alhmec. Chief and Council also believe that Tsal’alhmec have a right to be involved in a timely, meaningful, and appropriate manner as a part of a clear, transparent and responsive process. The primary engagement mechanism is regular Chief and Council meetings with Tsal’alhmec (community meetings).

  • A minimum of ten Community Meetings will be held in each calendar year, not including August and December, which are established months for traditional activities and celebrations.
  • Meetings will include:
    • Community Meetings held in Seton Lake;
    • An Annual General Meeting in Seton Lake, and an Annual General Meeting with members living away from home; and
    • Special Meetings, if needed.